Younus Khan Primary Health Care Center


Pre-Primary Education Programme:

  • • To create an environment for proper development of human skills and necessary mental and physical preparation for admission of poor and deprived children to formal schools;
  • • Imparting fundamental and primary education in religion for the holistic development and moral formation of the child
  • • Contribute to preventing school dropouts and quality education;

Target Population:

  • • Children from poor and deprived families
  • • Students will be 4-6 years old;
  • • Dropped out from formal educational institutions.

Duration and content of pre-primary education course:

The duration of the course will be one year (12 months) and the basic subjects will be as follows;

  • • The child's curiosity will develop;
  • • Pre-primary education that will encourage students to go to formal schooling;
  • • Basic and elementary education of religion;
  • • Practical learning relevant to the child's life;

What students will learn or achieve at the end of the term (marginal qualification)

  • • Know about the country especially about Independence and Victory Day.
  • • Name of own village/ward, union, upazila and district;
  • • Can greet and respond to greetings;
  • • Knows and does what to do with parents;
  • • Knows and behaves properly with neighbors and neighbors;
  • • Will know the benefits of cleanliness and will be able to keep himself clean.
  • • Know the use of personal health care including safe water, sanitary latrines, hand washing;
  • • Know how to prepare and use food saline at home;
  • • Know the rules of crossing the road.