About Us

Daffodil Foundation is to promote policies and undertake initiatives, which lead to the improvement of the quality of life of the people and that of future generations of Bangladesh. Daffodil Foundation is a non-government, non-profitable, non-political, voluntary and charitable society that strives for nurturing high ethical standards, equal opportunity, gender equality, non-discrimination, transparency and accountability formed in 2004 and registered with Joint Stock Companies of Bangladesh under Society Registration Act 1860. Daffodil Foundation focused on alleviates poverty, eradicate suffering and accomplish sustainable development.

The overall intention of Daffodil Foundation is to join others in achieving national development strategy of poverty elimination and environmentally compatible sustainable development ensuring equal development of women. It also works for the marginalized and underprivileged women, children and adolescents and men of Bangladesh through practical application of knowledge, resources, capacity building and action oriented community awareness.

Daffodil Foundation’s mission is to develop and provide realistic solutions to the major educational, environmental, health & population problems facing the poor people of Bangladesh. The Foundation focuses on building the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions to solve their own problems. Daffodil Foundation do this by accumulating together high quality applied research and practical policy advice. The accomplishment of the mission of Daffodil Foundation necessitates the contributions of competent professionals committed to the goals and values of the Foundation. To this end, the Foundation put special emphasis to develop our human resources’ potentials and also those of the collaborating organizations whom the Foundation serves.

Understanding the current and anticipated societal needs, Daffodil Foundation is committed to make its policies and programs socially, economically and ecologically sustainable by employing new methods and improved technologies. Since human development is a difficult course of actions requiring strong dedication to learning, exchange knowledge and proactive response to ongoing philanthropic issues; Daffodil Foundation places special endeavors for its organizational development.

Aiming to achieve its objectives and goals, Daffodil Foundation welcomes and encourages partnership or strategic alliance with like-minded organizations, government and non-government institutions, and different communities of home and abroad.

Daffodil Foundation’s programs and projects are managed by a group of highly qualified professionals, each with specialized skills under the broad leadership of the Board of Executive Members. The professionals associated with the foundation have substantial experience in their respective areas of expertise and are sensitive to and well familiar with the local, social, political, economic and technical environment of the country. Most of the experts have long work experience both at home and abroad and their valuable expertise is an asset to the foundation.